Beauty WithOut Fear is a project developed by Inebrya Professional, aimed at giving you inputs to recognize the delicate matter of gender-based violence that may involve or have involved you or someone you love.


1 in 3 women have experienced violence at least once in their lives

Violence can be physical, psychological or economic

Violence is not always easy to spot because episodes can be sporadic


In a relationship it is very important to actively listen to your emotions: feelings of discomfort, incompleteness, confusion are a warning sign of a difficult situation that you are experiencing with your partner.

If you feel you’re not valued and respected enough, isolated from friends and family, judged a bad wife/partner or a bad mother, there are probably some processes in the couple suggesting that you need to analyse it more in depth.


A couple is always born under respect, trust and love. Arguments are natural if the two parts enjoy the same respect: if this is lacking, if there’s not freedom of expression and one fears the other’s reaction, then probably you’re entering in the realm of violence.

Violence can be fluctuating: episodes of violence alternating with requests for reconciliation, in which you will tend to minimize what happened. This establishes a cyclical pattern in a dysfunctional relationship, which can lead you to stay involved in this relationship for many months or years to come.


Violence can take different forms, which can appear as an isolated episode or as a set: physical violence is every action against your body, your person, but also your belongings or your pets.

There is also psychological violence, that harms your personal dignity through humiliation, criticism, denigration, threats, recurring control, isolation from friends and family.

These kinds of violence can degenerate into sexual violence, when you are forced to have a sexual intercourse or to use pornographic material.

There is also economic violence, that easily go unnoticed. This comes out when you are compelled to account for expenses you have made for yourself or for the family, or you’re not allowed to have your own bank account, or if you’re not free to find yourself a job or your attempts to find one get sabotaged: all these actions aim at creating a dependence level by hindering your autonomy.


The consequences that violence could leave in your life can affect your personal, working as well as relational life, thus making you lose your friends, too over the years.

If you are a mother, you may detect some signs even in your children: Being a victim of witnessing violence does not only mean to see and hear, but also to perceive the consequences of violence in your life. You could notice behaviours showing distress, confusion, irritability, even with you, isolation or aggression with schoolmates, as well as problems at school, learning disorders and sleeplessness.


What can you do to start getting out this situation of violence? First of all, you should recognize it and realize whether you have experienced or are still experiencing a violent relationship. So you must not justify it because violence can never be justified.

What you can do is ask for help, turning to a specialised centre where you can find trained and qualified operators able to give you the right support to overcome this situation. You will be assisted with a made-to-measure approach, based on your needs, necessities and desires, while protecting yourself, your children and your family. Nobody will decide for you: confidentiality is guaranteed and, if you wish, the whole process will be anonymous.

Remember that you can get out of violence.
Call the NATIONAL DOMESTIC ABUSE HELPLINE that you find in the document below

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